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Reading books is great but buying and keeping too many of them can be hard. offers you a proper, accessible and up-to-date library in your neighborhood. You can borrow all kinds of books in your town from other readlovers.

3 steps to get your book


Find the book and create a free account to rent it.


Pick a rental date and wait for the owner's book approval. After approval, pay a small fee and pick up the book.


Once you read the book return it to its owner and share your experience online.

“Books should go where they will be most appreciated, and not sit unread, gathering dust on a forgotten shelf, don't you agree?”

- Christopher Paolini -

Do you have many unread and sad books on your shelf? Lend them and make your books and other readlovers happy!

3 steps to rent out your book


Sign up and create a free account. Fill the form and add some photos of your book.


Wait till a readlover contact you with the book request. If you agree, confirm his request and give him the book.

Get Paid

Once the readlover read your book pick it up and get paid.

Why to become a ReadLover?


  • makes you smarter
  • improves imagination and creativity
  • enriches the vocabulary
  • improves analytical thinking skills, memory and focus
  • reduces stress and chills you out
  • builds and enhances social relationships

Join us and you'll never run out of books to read.